Booth Manufacturers

Booths R Us can design and manufacture Booths for restaurants. With over 20 years of experience, we have been building booths for restaurants throughout Ventura and Los Angeles County. Contact Jose today to start your custom booths design.

Booth Seating For Restaurants

Booths are the best way to update the look and feel of your restaurant. It is the best investment you can make. Our experience can help you maximize the dining area for your customers. Your booths can be designed to give your restaurant a professional layout while giving your customers plenty of room.

Wall bench Seating For Restaurants

If you are short on space, wall benches combined with restaurant chairs can maximize and allow you to save space and seats for more clients. You can do a combination of tables 30" x 48" / 30 x 24 and this gives you the flexibility of not losing any space if a single customer comes and takes the table 30 x 24. If you have large parties, you can move the tables together to make parties 6-8-10 or 12 customers by putting the tables together.

We recommend that you always request materials that are not going to be discontinued. You should order an extra 15 yards of materials for emergencies and make sure you write down all your records such as Name, Serial #, and order your materials from established vinyl companies.

Use commercial materials when available. They can be used for hospitals, restaurants, or commercial use.

Booths R Us Tips and Recommendations for your project repair

  1. Always make sure the vinyl is the same color or let you know if it is not available anymore. Use something similar that you approve of and make sure the vinyl is provided by an established company. The next time you look for it, it will be in stock.
  2. Ask if there are any springs broken and replace them. Now is the time.
  3. Ask and see if the foam needs to be repaired and changed. Using a high-density foam will give you shape, and look good while giving you the comfort you need.
  4. Make sure they don't use any close-out types of vinyl. Have them use commercial grade for restaurants, hotels, or hospitals. Ask for a description of the material, name pather # & company name. You will save yourself a headache the next time you need a repair.